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Provincial Budget Information From Regina Board of Education Meeting


On Tuesday, March 28, 2017, at the public meeting of the Regina Board of Education, the Director of Education, Greg Enion shared information relating to the 2017-18 Provincial Budget. The points he made are available on the news page of the Regina Public Schools website. Please take the time to read this information about the potential financial impact of the Provincial Budget on Regina Public Schools. The direct link to the website information is:



The Power of Puppets - Aski Reflection

Playing games over recess with students who have difficulty on the playground is a fairly regular occurrence in the role of the principal. Today however, as I sat across the table from a grade 3 boy playing tic-tac-toe, it was as if the boy and I both melted away in place of the personas of the turtle puppets on each of our hands. The game became Askî versus Askî. No longer were we student and principal, we were two turtle brothers playing a game in our own pond. It did not matter that we are not master puppeteers or that we lack well defined voices for our puppets. They were real in that moment.

Aesthetic philosopher Samuel Taylor Coleridge calls it, “the suspension of disbelief”. In other words, it’s the willingness to overlook the limitations of a medium so that these do not interfere with the acceptance of a fictional premise. In fact, Askî himself is the most real part of the assessment if you ask the kids. They very excitedly welcomed him and his story into their classroom. They willingly answered Askî‘s questions, and they genuinely love him as he listens to their story. Therefore, the whole puppet experience gives the assessment that loveable, warm and simple connection to the lives of early learners.

“Playing is learning” as supported by the Canadian Council on Learning. The puppet enters the assessment into the world of play-based learning. It allows children to practice their learning in a non-threatening environment. They involve themselves in a world of imagination that helps them learn and grow. And it opens the conversation to allow the children an opportunity to freely to share their thoughts and feelings without judgement.

After Askî had spent a couple of weeks becoming an important member of the class, he was intentionally put away for a few days making his arrival on assessment day even more exciting! Faces of children and adults lit up when he entered the room to sing the theme song we had prepared for the event. Then he simply asked the students to come and talk with him one at a time. To say they were delighted is a huge understatement. Wide-eyed and on the edge of their seats, they looked right into the eyes of Askî, barely able to wait until he finished his explanation before giving their response. Even the most reluctant of oral speakers were eager to tell Askî their story. Many assessments ended with hugs or even kisses with Askî.

In these ways I am SO pleased that the Help Me Tell My Story enabled us to begin to accomplish some huge goals. First, we entered the world of kids. Too often assessments are disconnected and deficit based. In this case we entered right at the child’s level of engagement and right in their zone of proximal development. This assessment also opened up more frequent and deeper oral language practice for our students. There wasn’t a single student who wasn’t eager to talk to Askî and engage with him. And third, it invited parents and caregivers to observe their child and participate with their child to develop skills for life.

We now describe Askî as a member of our school staff. He visits classrooms, makes appearences all over the school and attends school assemblies, always to the same reaction of joy. The power of puppets!

Staff Update

There have been a number of staff changes since the beginning of the year that we would like to make you aware of:



Ms Melissa Olson - primary literacy support teacher - NEW

Ms Jennifer Hone Best - EDC teacher (for Ms Burnett)

Ms Elizabeth Thacker - grade 4/5 teacher (for Ms Ross until Christmas)

Mr. Peter Schachtel - evening Caretaker


Welcome Back:

Mrs. Stacey McLeod-Klein - EDCassistant


Thank You / Farewell:

Ms Veronica Cluney - EDC assistant

Ms Michelle Cheung - EDC assistant

Ms Nichole Kaytor - EDC assistant

Congrats and Thank You

I want to extend my congratulations to all of the Cross Country runners who represented our school so well at the meet last last week!  A special congratulations to Eva and Jarod who will represent Imperial at the finals this week.  Way to go! Thanks also to Mr. Racette for coaching the team this year.


I am so happy to be part of the Tiger family!  I look forward to meeting all the students and their families.  It is going to be a GREAT year!

Please don't hesitate to contact me with your questions or concerns, I very much believe in an open communication between home and school.  Together we are your child(ren)'s support system.   Call - 791-8454, email  -, or drop by the school.

Nutrition Program Changes


Important Nutrition Program Update!

Welcome Back! Imperial Community School’s Nutrition Program has a few changes this year. Breakfast is still available for students from 8:30 -8:45 every morning. Students coming for breakfast are to use the north doors only. A nutritious snack is also provided to all students every morning in their classrooms.

Students are expected to bring their lunch to school each day, we do not have microwaves for students, so please plan accordingly. 


If you have any questions or concerns please call 751-2845 (A.M.) or 791-8454 (P.M.)

Brenda Olson, Nutrition Coordinator

Assemblies - Student Recognition

Our school will be celebrating the Circle of Courage virtues, the Seven Teachings, and Perfect Attendance through monthly assemblies.  Students who model the Belonging, Generosity, Independence and Mastery virtues and the teachings will be recognized each month in these ceremonies. Because we view assemblies as Tiger Family Time, we invite all parents and families to join us each month for these celebrations. Please check the "Events" calendar for dates and times!


Mr. K. Parisien

Mr. Kevin Parisien

 Grade Four and Five  Classroom teacher @ Imperial Commmunity


BEd University of regina SUNTEP


Welcome to Learning Resource @ Imperial Community School

Beginning Wed. November 7th, our first wood working class for Ms.

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