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  • We celebrate differences at Imperial and feature inclusive practices in all of our programming.
  • We strive to foster student's self-responsibility, intrensic learning and personal accountability.
  • We have flexible groupings where students change groups as they grow academically and develop strengths.
  • We support a balanced literacy program (Daily 5) and constructivist math environment.
  • We have a Reading Intervention Teacher for part of the year to support early readers requiring added support.
  • We incorporate the Circle of Courage (Belonging, Mastery, Generosity, and Independence) in our daily approach and celebrate Aboriginal ways of knowing.
  • We seek opportunities for holistic learning and inquiry based teaching.
  • We provide food for learning through our universal snack program and morning breakfast program.
  • We provide for many rich extracurricular opportunities in sports, music, culture, literacy, dance and drama.