SCC Minutes from January 21st

DATE: January 21st, 2018

Attendees: Rhonda Haus, Milissa Gavel, Amy Singh, Amanda Ponace, Barb Krause-Snow,
Charlotte Caleval
Meeting called to order at 6:34pm

No additions/deletions.
Acceptance of minutes from Nov 26th, 2018
Motion made by Barb Krause-Snow to accept the minutes from November 26th, 2018 meeting
Seconded by Charlotte Caleval
All in favour

❖ Grade 8 Yearbooks. Teachers did not want the responsibility of creating/working on yearbooks.
If we can get release forms from the SCC out to the parents, the SCC/FOICS can create the
yearbooks. There are 21 grade 8 students.
❖ Kay-lynne Purtill might take a class picture of the grade 7/8 class.
Barb Krause-Snow made a motion to provide upto $350 for grade 8 composite, one for each grade 8
student, from the CSSC account.
o Seconded by Charlotte Caleval

CSSC (OTHER): $1749.00
o This account received $1000 in funding after our budget was re-submitted by the school.
o The deposit has not been made yet, not sure why or when we will receive the deposit
o Rhonda Haus sent an email to inquire why we have not received this money yet
SCC (Literacy): $2549.85
o Funds for Makey-Makey’s and Ozzobots have not come out yet.
Playground: $1902.63

Winter Concert, Soup and Bannock Feedback:
o Well attended
o Teachers were happy not to have to return in the evening
o Parents took time off work to attend
o Some parents like the evening performances
Attendance Initiatives: (January – March)
o Very poor attendance with the cold weather
o Transportation is an issue
o There is a team in place, trying to get Bennett Dunlop Ford to donate a passenger van for
schools to use to provide transport. (a driver would have to be vetted and hired).
o Suggestion made to send home transport authorization forms and try to find parents
who drive their own kids that may be willing, and have space, to drive other kids to
school from their area.
Clubs & Activities:
o Basketball – enough students signed up to have a boys team and a girls team.
o Coding Club – Well attended, everyone is excited
o Reading Grant – Amy submitted programming for Summer Reading program;
o We are in the running for a grant from the United Way
o Milissa has used up the rest of the Chapters Grant
o Milissa has started filling out an application for Mosaic Extreme School Makeover Challenge
o Any input will be considered
o Staples Superpower your school contest was mentioned. Amy mentioned it is a lot of work to fill it
out, but she may try.
SCC Parent Engagement Forum – Financial Well-being Feb 13th and March 13th.
Planning for Next Year.
o Numbers looking good
o French in Grade 1-3 is optional, staff will be discussing not doing French but using that
time for better purposes.
o Some high schools do not offer French for Grade 9. Only 3 grade 8 students from
Imperial registered for French last year.
Staff Appreciation Week – Feb 11th-15th
o Laughter for literacy:
o Raising money for summer success literacy programs
o $20/ticket
Charlotte Made the motion to pay for $10 tickets for staff to attend Laughter for literacy on April 5th.
The money will come from the CSCC account.
Seconded by Barb Krause-Snow
o Rhonda asked if F.O.I.C.S. could donate money towards staff appreciation week.
❖ Barb said F.O.I.C.S. members would discuss and get back to Rhonda with an answer.
❖ $90 will be donated to the Regina Food Bank on behalf of students in honor of
staff appreciation week. (FOICS)
Mosaic Makeover – Milissa
o Melissa has started filling out an application for Mosaic Extreme School Makeover Challenge
o $10,000 Grant – manpower & food safety courses
o Prefer a nutrition component
o Sustainability
o Offering more hot lunches and involve the kids in making the lunches
o Cooking classes in the evenings with families
o Indoor gardens
o Breakfast for learning
o Any input from SCC will be considered
Funding Requests: Robb Nash, Blocks
o Rob Nash:
o Approx. 45 students attended
o Schools were asked to sell bracelets, but Imperial chose not to
o Asking SCC to contribute $250 for the donation
Motion made by Barb Krause-Snow to fund the request of $250 from the SCC account for Rob Nash.
Seconded by Amanda Ponace
o Blocks:
o Amy postponed request
• It was noted that some of our fundraising goes to school things (such as attendance initiatives
and soup and bannock), and some to outside groups like United way and Terry Fox. It is
preferred not to communicate the purpose of fundraisers.
Upcoming Info:
Jan 29th – AGM/Engagement Forum
Feb 1st – Report Cards
Feb 18-22 – Winter Break
Feb 27th – BINGO night
Mar 15th – 3 way conferences
Mar 28th – Round Dance @ Winston Knoll

Feb 15th – Red & White Dance
o Milissa will ask the caretaker to DJ the dance.
SCC info on the website not updated, minutes not added from last meeting
o Milissa will update

PSST World:
o Question raised as to whether we’ve had anyone use the app yet.
o Two comments have been received

Feb 25th, 2019 @ 6:30pm
Motion made by Amanda Ponace to adjourn meeting at 7:55 pm