SCC Meeting Minutes from Oct. 22, 2018

DATE: October 22nd, 2018
Attendees: Amanda Ponace, Charlotte Caleval, Barb Krause-Snow, Melissa Obey, Rhonda Haus,
Milissa Gavel, Alice Monks, Amy Singh
Regrets: Amy Mohr
Meeting called to order at 6:51pm
No Agenda.
Acceptance of minutes from September 24th, 2018
Motion made by Melissa Obey to accept the minutes from September 24th, 2018 meeting
Seconded by Barb Krause-Snow
All in favour
❖ Community Bullying Info:
o PSST World will be rolled out to staff Friday
o Vitra Digital – a tool for kids to text or call with any issues and report anonymously
▪ Gary Halbert & Darren Boldt then filter information and concerns to each school
▪ Each school has a response team
▪ Grades 4 & up receive the information
❖ SCC Wear
CSSC (OTHER): $749.00
o This account receives $1000 in funding at the beginning of each school year.
o The deposit has not been made yet, not sure why or when we will receive the deposit
SCC (Literacy): $2549.85
Playground: $1902.63
Education Week:
o Good turn out for Book and Bagel event.
o Pictures of families posted in students classroom
o Highlighting students
o Global outreach
o Clay work
o Fieldtrips
o Massage Therapist
o There was a massage therapist came into the school and staff signed up
o Hopeful to have massage therapist return once a month
School Info:
a. Ins and Outs:
o Currently 255 students enrolled
b. Website/Remind 101:
c. Director & Superintendent were out to visit
Attendance Update:
o Over 90% consistently
o Thursdays best attended
o 179 students over 90%
o Kindergarten (Blue) and Grade 5 have best attendance
Clubs & Activities:
o Volleyball (one co-ed team)
o Writing Club
o Library Club
o Halloween
o Remembrance Day
o SRC – may be starting up
SCC Forum – Dr. Debbie Pushor – Tuesday Nov. 20th @ Johnson Collegiate
o Parent engagement and breakout sessions
o Rhonda to send out registration information
Our School Survey – Grades 4-8
o How students feel about school
o Results will be presented at the next SCC meeting
Celebrations – Bikes to be delivered December 12th – Kick off assembly 9:30 am December 13th
- Suggestion made to hold Math contest or spelling Bee and offer bikes as prizes
Christmas Meal, Santa Store, Winter Concert – December 19th
o Considering doing a meal instead of having kids preform
o Will look different than previous years
o Santa store donations from Janzen and White City/Emerald Park
PSST World
PSST World will be rolled out to staff Friday
o PSSTWorld is a Student Anonymous Reporting Tool featuring a secure area where students can
share information about anything that concerns them at school.
United Way – Pizza Lunch
o Amy Singh is on the cabinet to raise money for the United Way
o Looking for SCC involvement with raising funds for United Way
o Trying to get Summer Success reading program, which is sponsored by the United Way
Rob Nash Presentation
o Thursday at Arcola School
Transportation through City of Regina
o Administration Predicts it would be a disaster
o Will not likely use this because it is dangerous and inconvenient
Funding Requests:
a. Mathletics (Cost was $1200)
o Already purchased, no request made at this time
b) Amy Singh will have a funding request for the next meeting in relation to Maker Spaces &
o There will be presentations in each class prior to sign up
o Ozzobots (Ages K-8) approx. $70 each
▪ Color coding robots
▪ Connects to ipad
o Makey-Makey’s (Grades 3-8) approx. $70 each
▪ Controllers
Halloween Dance – Will be Oct 31st in the afternoon. SCC will sell treats $1.00/bag. Anyone
volunteering to help with the dance/supervision is required to get a criminal record check done
and back to the school prior to event.
SCC may consider purchasing cameras for outside the school. It was mentioned other SCC’s
have purchased cameras for schools.
Grade 8 – we need to decide what we as an SCC are pitching in this year. We have paid for composites
in the past.
November 26th, 2018 @ 6:30pm
Motion made by Melissa Obey to adjourn meeting at 7:52 pm